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👉 If you are new to building an online business and a bit lost, check out this list – some of my key strategies to hit the ground running. These tips will help you start making sales and priming your content for views and eyeballs when you take action and be consistent. 🔥

1 – Find new products that just hit the market or coming up to the mass public and create review content around it – videos/blog posts, etc. 📈

2 – Use simple methods to keep up on these products. Get on email lists for companies that sell products in your niche, get on trend watch lists, create google alerts so you get notified instantly on your markets. Check these platforms each day, it’s not very time-consuming. You can also hit up sites like Muncheye . com and jvnotifypro . com to find upcoming affiliate products coming to the market.

3 – Ask the product creator for a review copy if you are wanting to promote, you’d be surprised that most companies can accommodate that. If you can’t get a review copy just get the product yourself to make a good quality review. Keep in mind, if the product hasn’t come out yet, you can simply just write or speak about what it is and what it should accomplish. Obviously, let people know its upcoming and you can collect leads from there so you can notify them once it launches. This is a quick way to build an email list when using this launch hack strategy.

4 – Always Document your progress/transformations etc. I tell my consulting clients to record their progress and make notes of things as they go in case they ever want to share their journey but it’s a great way as an affiliate to keep fresh content around what you are promoting while showing results and getting people comfortable with the product and you so they will buy from you. 👌 You can even do this without showing your face.

5 – When posting videos on youtube for upcoming products and launches use the title “product name” + “review” and if you already have a link obviously put it in the description. If the product is a ways out and you don’t have a link, make a landing page and collect leads with it so you can send them an email or text when the product launches! 🚀 Always make sure you put a good description of the product in the video description as well. Youtube loves good descriptions that are very relevant to the video, even more so than tags.

These are just some quick and easy steps you can implement in your online business each day to progress in the right direction and make some good sales along the way!

Cheers! ✌️

David J Woodbury