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Frequently Asked Questions about Hidden Interests

What is “Hidden Interests”?

Hidden Interests is a web app that uses the Facebook advertising API to find categories related to the initial keyword, to enable you to better target your advertising.

Why can’t I just use the free Facebook advertising tool?

You can, but it’s just not as effective. The Facebook tool only returns 25 related categories. These will be the same 25 categories your competitors will see. This tool uses the Facebook API, which returns all the related keywords. That means, if your competitors are using the Facebook tool, there are categories they will never see. You can target them, and get a competitive advantage.

Is this against the Facebook Terms Of Service?

No, not at all. Facebook wants you to advertise with them. They provide the API so developers can create new tools to make things easy. And that is what we have done.

Do I have to install anything?

No. Hidden Interests is a web app, which you access via a browser.

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